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The United Kingdom remained one of the top destinations for any international students seeking a quality overseas degree. In general UK offers 3 years undergraduate and 1 year Postgraduate courses for its local and global pupils. However, students with the lack of English Proficiency or other academic skills might get conditional offers to various Pathway or Bridging programs. Such as International Year1, Year Zero or Undergraduate / Postgraduate diplomas, Pre-Masters, Foundation or Language courses can be offered to international students based on the individual’s academic background. PhD/Research Degrees are also available in the UK.



Bangladeshi students comprise a long tradition of having weakness to UK education. Compared to other first world countries, the weather and distance of the United Kingdom have always been an important factor to attract students of Bangladesh to the United Kingdom. By some means, the UK is one of the most welcoming nations to them. Though London remained the most popular city to any Bangladeshi student, there are also Bangladeshis in all other major cities in the United Kingdom.


Brand new immigrations rules for international students introduced by UK immigrations have an even greater positive impact on the increasing numbers of applicants in Bangladesh. The UK border Agency has reestablished Post-Study work and settlement opportunities even more smoothly.


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