As a consultancy firm, Essence is committed to provide

sincere service to its students who want to go abroad for higher study. Our service, in this case, is not partial as a student generally requires it as a whole, from the very beginning till he or she arrives in his or her dream country. Therefore, we are ready to offer the complete services unless any individual demands it to a certain extent.

Frank Advice & free assessment

Essence never charges for the assessment of the credential of its students. And we offer our honesty from the very beginning of our interaction with our clients. Our advice is not partial to our own benefit; rather it focuses on the circumstances of individual students.

Career Counseling

Students who want to go abroad for higher education are always concerned about their career and employment opportunities after education. Our qualified and experienced counselors provide proper career counseling to students. Therefore students get accurate career prospects.

Institutes and course selection

It is very important to choose the right course and right university or college for students based on their academic background, financial ability, English proficiency, dream career path and other personal facts. Study permit or Visa success possibility also largely depends on this selection. Essence deals with this part of the process by extra care.

Admission and enrolment assistance

Once the student is done with the selection of course and institutes with our guidance, we take care of the admission procedure of the pupils to the selected overseas education provider(s). We are obliged to share every single piece of information with our clients related to enrolment such as admission /application fee, possible processing time, required documents, deadline, intakes etc.

Scholarship Assistance

Scholarships are available in most of the institutes of any nation that are destinations to most of the international students. Though, it is not something very easy to obtain. Essence provides proper guidance to its students on any scholarship opportunities that he or she may have while applying.

Visa interview preparation

Some countries may not ask for an interview while giving a decision on visa application but others do. We assist students with Visa interview preparation by taking free classes on demo interviews.

Visa application assistance

Visa application requires proper preparation and documentations. We help students to fill the Visa application form appropriately and provide them information on possible processing time and other issues based on the best of our knowledge and research.

Pre Departure and Post Arrival services

successful students may ask us to lend a hand on booking or buying air tickets for them to their dream destination. We have associate business partners or travel agencies to take help from. We also arrange overseas accommodation for students based on the choice of students themselves.

Services for dependent or spouse of the student

Students with spouse or children intend to take their dependents with them to abroad. Essence assists with dependent visa processing as well. Dependent visa application, procedures, policies vary from country to country. Our expert counselors are here to help with the concern.